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Piajeh Boutique - Since 1990!

Mariam Zand developed her passion for fashion at a very young age. Her mother, a talented seamstress, taught Mariam and her sister Mahyar to create patterns and make their own clothing. The frequent exposure to different clothing styles, colors and fabrics sparked Mariam’s creativity, and her life would never be the same.

Throughout her youth and into adulthood, Mariam Zand worked all over the fashion world, both in Europe and in the U.S. She moved to California in 1990, put everything she had into opening the very first Piajeh store in Newport Beach.

Since 1990, Mariam and Piajeh have developed a stellar reputation not only among insiders of the Fashion World (designers, wholesalers and vendors), but also with her customers. Mariam knows her customers and buys with them in mind. Every trip she makes to Europe consists of several days of fashion shows and shopping nearly 16 hours a day, to learn what’s in style and to hand-pick the most exciting, most perfect merchandise for her customers.

Piajeh is known to be ahead of the fashion trends by at least 6 months margin! All clothing, shoes and accessories are chosen for their quality, uniqueness, and wearability.

Mariam takes great pride in Piajeh, and despite the fact that virtually every waking moment is devoted to her work, it is all made worth it by her customers’ happiness. Customers often say Piajeh’s clothing is what they wear most, they never get tired of it, it’s well ahead of the times, and no one else has anything like it. Customers love Mariam’s selections and know that each time they visit the shop, it will be full of new merchandise.

Customers are happy to know that there are two other locations of Piajeh in England, located in Weybridge and Wimbledon Village, owned and run by Mariam’s sister who has been in business over 14 years. Mariam has just returned from celeberating the grand reopening of Piajeh in Wimbledon, which was a great success.

The two sisters enjoy sharing ideas, favorite clothing lines, and almost literally shop till they drop – all over Europe – for the best finds for their customers.

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